EMERGENT Church The ONE Project: What you need to know

Acts of the Apostle page 68
… A “Thus saith the Lord” is not to be set aside for a “Thus saith the church” …  AA 68.2
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I am well acquainted with the rampant Apostasy at “our” educational institutions and churches, I survived because I was grounded completely in GODHIS Word and HIS Spirit of Prophecy. My fellow students and members who were not grounded,were and are being tragically mowed down by the spiritual “total war” onslaught they are oblivious to.
I have heard the horrifying testimonies of countless parents who have sent their precious children as students to these spiritual slaughter houses innocently thinking they could trust them because they bore the name “Seventh Day Adventist,” time and time again they confusedly reported that they sent GOD Loving youth and within their 4 year “education” received back “atheists, agnostics, extremely liberal” unrecognizable people.
The spiritual carnage is a terrible sight to witness, there is no “safe place” anymore unless with sober awareness we seek it or create it. The people who are GOD’s church who are HIS Bride are making themselves ready for HIS soon return; while the foolish Laodecian people who are satan’s synagogue “celebrate” their Sodomitish/Egyptian/Babylonian “spirituality.”
Choose you today where your membership is? If with satan’s synagogue, you may stop reading at this point; if with GOD’s people, read and heed.
Where does “innovation” of our spiritual beliefs lead?
Ryan J. Bell (born September 26, 1971[1]) is an American former Seventh-day Adventist pastor[2] who became an atheist after spending a “year without God” as an experiment. He has publicly spoken about his experiences before, during, and after this year, and he wrote about it in his blog “Year Without God” (later hosted by Patheos).[3] He is a regular contributor at the The Huffington Post[4] and, in August 2015, launched a new blog and podcast “Life After God.”[5]

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