Will America become a Cashless Society?

Brothers and Sisters,
     What to do? Think of it this way, the Bible has the answers to every life challenge, right? So what to do? Read in your Bible what people really needed when they were under siege.
     First, if they had obeyed GOD they would not have been inside of Jerusalem in 70 AD, because JESUS gave them the Country Living message before hand. You have received the Country Living message numerous times, so choose wisely. To choose wisely you need to obey GOD, but only if you love HIM supremely.
     In the siege of 70AD in Jerusalem all the “credit/cash/gold/silver/weapons/food reserves/government/etc.” failed and then their families perished. They perished not only for the a while but for eternity.
     Through this message I exhort you to comply, with GOD’s Guiding Hand, as soon as possible before it is to late for your family. When I preached this very message in my local congregation in Texas, the Pastor told the people to wait for the Sunday Law to be enacted, I tell you again “Do not wait, it will be too late!
     Hate the things of this world and love GOD above all things including your personal life plan, agenda, interests, investments, lusts, ego-centrism; for your sake and that of those who depend on you. Open your eyes and ears, perceive with Divine discernment the Signs of the Times.
     When you read EGW Country Living pay close attention to the fact that GOD’s Instruction to get out of the cities and into Country properties was given over 100 years ago. Who will you trust, a man who tells you the opposite of GOD’s Instructions or your CREATOR GOD?
     IF you decide it is good and wise to heed GOD’s Instructions, read it all carefully, pay attention to the details, exercise the correct motivation and surrender to GOD’s Will. HE will Lovingly Lead you step by step in this Blessed Project HE has called you to begin prayerfully right now.

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