Pope denounces(announces) violence in God’s name in interfaith meeting

Pope denounces(announces) violence in God’s name in interfaith meeting
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Pope Francis kisses the altar as he celebrates a Mass on the occasion of All Souls’ Day, at the Prima Porta Cemetery in Rome, Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016. (Gregorio Borgia/Associated Press) (Did you catch the last name of the reporter?)
By Associated Press 
November 3 at 7:11 AM
VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis has welcomed a multi-faith delegation at the Vatican, using the occasion to condemn terrorist attacks and other violence committed in the name of religion.
Francis, whose papacy has stressed the need for religious tolerance and interfaith dialogue, met Thursday with some 200 representatives of various religions, including Islam, Judaism and Christianity.
He told them: “It is horrible that at times, to justify such barbarism, the name of a religion or the name of God himself is invoked. May there be clear condemnation of these iniquitous attitudes that profane the name of God and sully the religious quest of mankind.”
(The Pope must be referencing Catholic atrocities throughout its 2000 year history i.e. the Inquisition; or be guilty of the worst type of Hypocrisy.)
He received his visitors, most who are involved in charity work, in the marbled Clementine Hall of the Apostolic Palace.
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