Repentant Sinner in GOD’s Hands

As I enjoyed admiring the beauty of GOD’s Artistry in a place we mortals call “Death Valley” GOD’s Promises to us came into my mind. HE promises HE has wonderful plans for us, if we would only choose to surrender our will, our sin, our plans, our dreams, our desires. This beautiful flower lives only briefly in the desert, but uses its short life to Praise GOD by sharing a glimpse of HIS inner personal beauty. GOD has a plan, let us live it fully during our short lives.

Death Valley National Park

Inyo County, California
“Super bloom” 2016 in Death Valley. For me the Desert Five Spot stole the show at Death Valley this weekend. They didn’t blanket the ground like the Desert Gold or cover the sides of the washes like the Notch-leaf Phacelia but they were plentiful enough that a few moments of searching would find them hiding, small and beautiful, like a secret between you and the desert.

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