Safety is only from God

Thank GOD again!
Please teach your children to depend on GOD because it is only HIM who can truly and fully keep us from spiritual, psychological, physical and financial harm. I praise GOD for sending HIS SPIRIT and Angels to help this little eleven year old girl to be alert, stay calm, hide in a secure location and call the police for help.
When dealing with criminals, we pray that GOD will help us do our part to prevent/stop them from committing their crimes. Praise GOD with unending Thanksgiving because HE is worthy!

Guess Who Said This?

“I was in the Air Force a while and they had what they call ‘policing the area.’ That’s where you looked around and if there’s anything wrong here, there, anywhere, you took care of your own area. And I think that’s a pretty good thing to go by. If everyone just takes care of their own area then we won’t have any problems. Be here. Be present. Wherever you are, be there. And look around you and see what needs to be changed.”


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