The devil-alcohol takes another life

Dear Reader,
I hope you are counting and enjoying God’s Blessings. I want to share with you this tragedy in the hopes of preventing others. Knowledge is power, and through the knowledge of the lethality of the drug alcohol is underestimated. Please appreciate that this tragedy was 100% preventable by simply not voluntarily participating. Friend please  do not ingest any drugs in any way and if you can influence others to abstain from drugs, strongly oppose drug consumption.
Here is the case of: Kelvin Rafael Mejia “A 23-year-old man died after chugging a bottle of tequila during a friendly wager at a Dominican nightclub. He won $630 but just minutes later he lost his life. The cause of death was listed as alcohol intoxication by the medical examiner. The tragic incident happened earlier this week in the city La Romana, in eastern Dominican Republic, and it was all captured on video by a cell phone camera.
Published on Feb 28, 2017
LA ROMANA. Un joven de 23 años falleció minutos después de ingerir una botella de tequila sin parar, durante un concurso realizado en una discoteca de esta ciudad. La imágenes del joven cuando se desmaya han recorrido las redes sociales, entre críticas contra los organizadores del concurso.

Kelvin Rafael Mejía murió la madrugada del lunes a causa de intoxicación alcohólica, según la certificación del médico legista.

En la grabación se observa cuando el joven se toma la bebida, recibe el dinero ganado, que conforme a las investigaciones oficiales fue 40 mil pesos, y luego se desmaya.
This could be you or your friend or your loved one; save a life 🙂

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