NAD Propaganda Facelift

Dear Reader,
Hope you are well. Here is my first impression of the “Is This Thing On?” featuring North American Division (NAD) President:
This was an designed, directed and orchestrated political marketing campaign; its goal to provide misinformation, sound bites, consolidate the liberals and give the 40 and younger crowd a feeling of community connectedness.
It was a review of everything that is wrong with the NAD leadership (top to local) and the failing educational system. The audience and their questions were as random and unpredictable as looking out of the window and reporting the news to your neighbor.
Here are some highlights:
49:00 SDAs are going opposite God’s Country Living message and moving form the country into the cities and concentrating.
52:00 Women’s Ordination rebellion re-affirmation
54:00 W.O. is supported by “81% or 82%” of leaders (liberal)
57:00 NAD goal is to double the number of female “pastors”
58:00 NAD $$$$$$ incentive to conferences to hire female “pastors”
1:05 Commission vs Ordination (4 differences)
1:10 Everyone is a minister
1:12 Social Justice
1:19 Dan Jackson equates race with LGBTQP “racism”
1:20:30 Church cannot move away from scripture, while throwing out 1 Timothy 3
1:24:20 “No” hierarchy of sin vs. abomination (sin)  and non-abomination (sin)
1:30 Save the Planet-Global Warming, etc.
If you examine closely, you will see these guest and social media questions were handpicked. The contemporary Pharisees now have media ability, but at the end of the day they are responsible for misleading the willingly blind fools who follow them.
If you have slow buffering, as I did, just place your cursor over HD on the bottom right of the video screen and select the 360p; it worked for me. The video link is below this image 🙂

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