Because Jesus Christ first loved us we love Him (Romans 5:8), keep His commandments (John 14:15 & 23) and treasure His Spirit of Prophecy (Revelation 14:12 & 19:10). Thus our mission as a family to share the love of Jesus through the 3 Angels Messages of Revelation 14:6-13; calling all to prepare for Jesus’ soon Return.

It is our intention to connect historic and current events with Biblical Truths for daily living and Prophetic fulfillment. The Instruction we find in the Bible directs us safely in every important dimension of our lives, as individuals and as a family. The Bible Equips us to be the best sons and daughters, father and mothers, students, citizens, employees, employers, neighbors, i.e. Ambassadors of God’s Kingdom.

Jesus teaches us in word and action that the highest attainment is to be a servant and a blessing in our sphere of influence. We pray that you may be inspired to draw closer to our Loving and Sweet Jesus the Christ.

We live in a very rural setting, where our three high school students are homeschooled by us. We love growing our organic food, floating down the river, collecting wild edibles, traveling to botanical gardens of international renown, vegetarian cuisine, natural food preservation, camping, photography, youtube, attending congregational Sabbath worship, singing hymns a cappella, visiting with family and friends, sewing clothes for the ourselves, creating natural beauty products, raising organics chickens, playing musical instruments, helping our neighbors, reading and blogging.