“Why is the majority always wrong” Paul Rulkens

Commentary: Dear Reader, Hope you are well. After you watch this inspiring video please consider its message in the following context: Do you want to be in the wrong majority or in the small right? Do you want to be with crowds of normal mediocrity or join the few in the extraordinary? Here are some … Continue reading “Why is the majority always wrong” Paul Rulkens


Safety is only from God

Thank GOD again! Please teach your children to depend on GOD because it is only HIM who can truly and fully keep us from spiritual, psychological, physical and financial harm. I praise GOD for sending HIS SPIRIT and Angels to help this little eleven year old girl to be alert, stay calm, hide in a … Continue reading Safety is only from God

Fool’s Gold

My commentary at the end 🙂 http://www.lifedaily.com/story/youll-never-believe-what-these-men-found-in-the-desert/2/ 1. The Mountains The Superstition Mountains in Arizona, commonly referred to as “Superstitions” by locals cover 160,000 acres of barren desolate terrain.  At the center of these magnificent mountains is Superstition Mountain, a 3,000 foot high monolith, which appears to lord over the rest of this rugged territory. … Continue reading Fool’s Gold


Are you a Gastronomic Tourist like me? If you are looking for Healthy and Delicious Vegan Mexican Cuisine I want to introduce you to "Tlacoyos!" You will love them and crave them, like me. Tlacoyos Tlacoyos are oval-shaped masa cakes traditionally stuffed with cheese and beans and then your choice of chicharrĂłn, nopales or flor … Continue reading “Tlacoyos”