Marriage Re-defined

Dear Reader, Hope you are well. As you may remember, when the United States of America through its Supreme Court activists redefined marriage from a man and a woman to anything else it opened up the "marriage" definition to multiple partners, pedophilia, necrophilia and objectophilia. Below is a story of a "marriage" between a man … Continue reading Marriage Re-defined


The Devaluation of the Dollar 1970 to 2017

Dear Reader, Hope you are well. Today I want to talk with you about currencies, specifically the devaluation of the U.S. Dollar. In 1970, minimum wage $1.45, doctor's visit  $5.00 = 3.44 work hours. In 2017, minimum wage $7.25, doctor's visit $150.00 = 20.69 work hours. In 1970, minimum wage $1.45, cost of a gasoline $0.25/gallon, 1 work hour purchased 5.8 gallons. In 2017, minimum wage $7.25, cost of a gasoline $2.68/gallon; 1 work hour purchases 2.7 gallons. Let us … Continue reading The Devaluation of the Dollar 1970 to 2017

United Sinners Alliance (USA)

Dear Reader, Hope you are well. Ladies and gentlemen I have received a letter from the United Sinners Alliance (U.S.A.) demanding they be acknowledged, tolerated and accepted as they are by this ministry. The USA's offices are at 624 Babylon Way, Mesopotamia, Egypt. They explained that they are composed of 1.3% of the Seventh Day … Continue reading United Sinners Alliance (USA)

NAD Propaganda Facelift

Dear Reader, Hope you are well. Here is my first impression of the "Is This Thing On?" featuring North American Division (NAD) President: This was an designed, directed and orchestrated political marketing campaign; its goal to provide misinformation, sound bites, consolidate the liberals and give the 40 and younger crowd a feeling of community connectedness. … Continue reading NAD Propaganda Facelift

Should “Blasphemy” Be Criminalized?

  Dear Reader, Hope you are enjoying God's Blessings. Today I came across these headlines (below) from Poland and Denmark which are prophetic mile markers in accordance with Revelation 13:11 & 15: "And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon." & "And he … Continue reading Should “Blasphemy” Be Criminalized?

The Presumption of Infallibility

  Dear Reader, I believe Immortal GOD alone is Infallible, any mortal human’s presumption of infallibility usurps GOD's place. For any professed “Christian” person or institution to act with the presumption of infallibility is a blasphemous error, not singly of the Vatican but also of the Seventh Day Adventist and countless other denominations. You may encounter … Continue reading The Presumption of Infallibility