Beast Zone Ahead!

Warning: Do not read the following information if you would like to remain in the labyrinth of deception and ignorance. Since you have decided to search for the truth I must ask you to agree to judge the evidence and the implications. God has given you a brain, that you may evaluate the facts and … Continue reading Beast Zone Ahead!


It Could Not Happen to Me?

"Dear Brothers and Sisters in CHRIST,     You may have heard of this incident in Bountiful, Utah, or maybe not. This is just another incident we see on the news and it seems far away, naturally we move on because it didn't affect us directly. We did not know anyone affected by this incident, nor have … Continue reading It Could Not Happen to Me?

The Unacceptable Train

  Since 2007, while I was an undergraduate at SWAU, I have been explaining that Women's Ordination is the caboose in the front and LGBTQPedophilesXYZetc. Ordination is the Locomotive Engine that is driving this train. This pink train presents itself as the "cure" but in reality is the illness. Below is an excellent email from DH … Continue reading The Unacceptable Train

Vatican Pope

  Trump’s Catholic Coalition Could Have “Very Positive Effect” on Presidency Posted by Edward Pentin on Friday Nov 11th, 2016 at 1:14 PM Former U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See, Jim Nicholson, says the President-elect has been a “very good listener” at meetings with a Catholic coalition of advisers. President-elect Donald Trump has been a … Continue reading Vatican Pope

“Most Catholic City in U.S. Boston, Has Nostalgia Over Sunday Blue Laws”

Check out the following amazing article. Very interesting...     Of the most Roman Catholic cities in the United States, Boston, New York and Pittsburg top the list in a three-way tie according to the Public Religion Research Institute’s 2014 study.[1] The state of Massachusetts ranks among the top-five Catholic states in America.       … Continue reading “Most Catholic City in U.S. Boston, Has Nostalgia Over Sunday Blue Laws”

Pope denounces(announces) violence in God’s name in interfaith meeting

Pope denounces(announces) violence in God’s name in interfaith meeting Pope Francis kisses the altar as he celebrates a Mass on the occasion of All Souls’ Day, at the Prima Porta Cemetery in Rome, Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016. (Gregorio Borgia/Associated Press) (Did you catch the last name of the reporter?) By Associated Press  Religion November 3 at 7:11 AM VATICAN … Continue reading Pope denounces(announces) violence in God’s name in interfaith meeting