NAD Propaganda Facelift

Dear Reader, Hope you are well. Here is my first impression of the "Is This Thing On?" featuring North American Division (NAD) President: This was an designed, directed and orchestrated political marketing campaign; its goal to provide misinformation, sound bites, consolidate the liberals and give the 40 and younger crowd a feeling of community connectedness. … Continue reading NAD Propaganda Facelift


Am I Obese? Its a life and death issue

Dear Reader, Hope you are counting and enjoying God's Blessings. We have an obesity epidemic which leads to numerous chronic illnesses, which lead to diminishing quality of life and premature death. As created beings we have a Christian duty to take care of our bodies, which are the Temple of the Holy Spirit. "Why do we need … Continue reading Am I Obese? Its a life and death issue

The devil-alcohol takes another life

Dear Reader, I hope you are counting and enjoying God's Blessings. I want to share with you this tragedy in the hopes of preventing others. Knowledge is power, and through the knowledge of the lethality of the drug alcohol is underestimated. Please appreciate that this tragedy was 100% preventable by simply not voluntarily participating. Friend … Continue reading The devil-alcohol takes another life

Should “Blasphemy” Be Criminalized?

  Dear Reader, Hope you are enjoying God's Blessings. Today I came across these headlines (below) from Poland and Denmark which are prophetic mile markers in accordance with Revelation 13:11 & 15: "And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon." & "And he … Continue reading Should “Blasphemy” Be Criminalized?